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Andover love letter And over and over again we’ve heard from negative people “Andover is a run down town full of coffee shops, phone shops,pubs and bars hairdressers for everyone but no stars.” No one talks about what’s going on under the surface charities like Andover mind who champion positive mental health for people who sometimes feel worthless. From the Rockhouse can be heard inspired music and song writers words cameo and vinyl where two lovers meet for the first time and then later on get married in St Mary’s church. In the old cemetery is chapel arts which hold exhibitions and captures hearts with inspiration in old dissenters chapel where they used to grapple, with religion the Angel pub where there are ghost stories and superstition and you could drink a pint to tickle your twine and then onto home through the town centre where pop up charity shops have opened and there are many shops both Independant and chain stores. Mooch’s well decorated shop front and more Andover is a welcoming place and lures in customers from all walks of life. There are many events From the Shilling fair, Andover Rocks,the Motoring show and many more besides Andover hides great personalities and performers like Alex Krupa, Maddison Douch and Echo tape they perform at the Andover carnival On stage and at the Andover Christmas light switch on We all huddle together in the cold to watch the school choirs who inspire and the fire works which light up the sky and the memories we make never die. Andover Museum which holds the pages of history with in its shelves on display and tells of Andover workhouse Wherwell’s Cockatrice and the swing riots Andover is vibrant town it’s never quiet, and like the famous home town band the Troggs say love is all around you don’t have to look hard to hear the sounds of distant hellos and laughter from here on in our town and forever after. #Alienpoet

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