Who We Are

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Founder & Trustee

Marie is founder and Trustee of Rocks, She has a personal interest in mental health after being unwell herself with Post natal depression. Rocks is a labour of love for Marie she devotes many an hour to its development and growth. Apart from festival weekend Marie loves to find the projects to fund and is involved with getting them up and running.

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IT Department /Design / The sound man

Paul is a trustee and head of tech and design and everything in-between at Rocks HQ. Pauls interest in Rocks developed after trouble with his own mental health. Paul feels like Rocks has given him a focus and subsequently a feel good factor as he feels he is giving something back to a subject that is close to his heart. He is also the founder of the 'Believe in MAGIC! project thats associated with Rocks and a huge music enthusiast.

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The Sax Man

Andy has been involved in Rocks from day one, with an extensive history in the recovery of mental health in many areas Andys knowledge and musical talent makes him a hugely valued team member.

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Katt Grover

Team member

Katt is the newest member of the Andover Rocks team. She is a poet, artist, designer, writer and creative facilitator. Her poetry and illustrations have been published in numerous journals, magazines and anthologies. She is passionate about poetry, learning, and creativity and is especially excited to get involved in future workshops and poetry events.

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Team member

Teds job is to listen to Marie's endless ideas and stresses, he also provides support on festival weekend by running the door on a few venues.

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Team member

Dan is our poetry whizz and has again been involved from the start. Dan has used poetry as an outlet for his struggle with mental health issues over the years and has steadily grown the poetry section at Rocks, he also has his own poetry section on the local radio.




Sally is the go to for literacy at Rocks, she offers endless support and has a wonderful way with words, its no wonder she is indeed herself a published author.




Richard discovered his passion for photography once he had retired, and very talented he is too. We came across Richard as he started taking photos at local open mic nights, have a look at the Rocks gallery to see his fantastic work.

All of our team are experts in their field, they all give 110% to Rocks in their own time. we are TEAM ROCKS!!