What is it?

Believe in magic was established in 2020 by Paul Williams from Andover Rocks. It was considered a hard time on everyone worldwide which was even worse for people that were struggling at such a difficult time. On the first run we managed to assemble and deliver 38 gift boxes ranging from shoe box size right up to microwave sized boxes!

Gifts contained approximately 15-20 items suited the the nominees personality. This ranged from small toiletries, joke books, teddys, personalized items and many many more.


After spending many years not celebrating Christmas after a family tragedy at a young age. Paul saw Christmas a time of grief instead of celebration, rarely interacting with others through fear of intrusion. Instead he built a routine of spending the holidays at pubs only to eventually go home ...Alone

After joining Andover rocks Paul saw a change, he saw so many others doing the same thing he did and believed he could inspire others to not let the past dwell upon you, to look to the future and create a new path.

This project was created so no other would feel the same amount of emotional pain, to realise no matter where you are or who you are someone around cares for you and you are not alone.

Even those that are not in this situation but still face a hard time at Christmas, those that go above and beyond for others without any consideration for themselves. Do not worry heroism is recognised and we wish to say thank you!

How can you help?


Here at rocks we thrive on community engagement. On the first year we received many donations from people and businesses' everywhere. To top that both Paul & Andover rocks managed to fund the remaining costs to top each of the parcels up. We also are proud to say we ran a very successful raffle for a valuable item which raised almost £200 to spend on extra gifts! This year the same protocol will be in place, so if you have any item you wish to donate please get in contact. Alternatively you can use the donate button on the page in the top left corner and we can purchase on your behalf.  Last year we had a massive overflow of female gifts s finding the male sets is the tricky part!

We will be running collections or accepting deliveries all the up to November so just leave us a message using the contact us box or you may send a message on social media and we will get back to you

Who can apply?

Andover rocks prides ourselves on helping adults through musical intervention for their mental health so we aim to help adults from the age of 16+ on this project. This project is a little different as you can nominate someone else to receive a box, or you can nominate yourself. Please see below for how to apply. There is no specific criteria only that its someone who would normally receive little to nothing for Christmas.

How to apply?

You may apply by clicking the RED ACROBAT BUTTON BELOW and filling out the application form and returning it via email to or complete the online application form below. Please note we require as many fields to be completed as possible as the more information we have will give us a better idea on how to help your nominee. 

Please note if you are unable to fill the form and return it then skip the download and fill the form out below it

Application Downlaod

Believe in magic
Is the nominee aware of the application?

Your application has been recieved, we will be in touch in the near future!

What happens now?

Once the team has received your application we will review and fulfill as many as we can. We heavily rely on donations from individuals and local businesses' to assemble each parcel. We also cannot guarantee we will fulfil all applications as the number is currently set at 50-80 applicants however this is subject to change.

Your data is important to us so we will never share your details with any 3rd party and you will only receive messages from us in relation to your application or you may receive messages if you are already subscribed to the site.

If you have any concerns of query's please do not hesitate to get in contact and one of the team will happily assist you.