The Full Story

In a world where you can be anything, Be kind!

Andover Rocks seeks to improve people's mental health through music intervention. In the past we have funded Alabare's "The Junction" music project and supported Andover MIND with setting up singing and guitar workshops.

We do this in a number of ways first and foremost being a musical festival. Which includes many local venues including the White Hart, The Rockhouse, The time Ring and the Queen Charlotte, and runs over the course of a weekend.

We also run drumming and meditation workshops, story telling, poetry and expressive writing classes during the festival, these are also ongoing online.


Here at Andover Rocks we want to help you express yourself the way you need to! It may be working together as a group or one on one we believe you will will find a home here. a place where you do not need to be afraid. We run multiple workshops that may suit your needs . In the case of music below are just some examples or members and how affects them!

Our Mission

Or core goal to provide support for those in need, to help young adults who suffer daily with their mental health. Its a touch age to deal with any types of emotions as they define on who you will be throughout the rest of your life. We believe through music intervention we can help those people connect with their deepest emotions and not only help process them but also help to understand them.

Our Vision

We are hoping to have a very large variety of workshops, musical events and fundraising opportunities so we can ask you how best to divert the funds on helping those who most need it. We here are hoping to grow further , reach further and help everyone feel safe in the meantime.

because no matter how far you have fallen, no matter how dark it gets, how silent it is.

Andover Rocks will be here with a helping hand

to begin your journey back into a brighter world.

A world where you feel you matter.