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2022 is already in the works , check out our menu to see whats on offer for you, more information about rocks 2022 dates will be made available shortly, along with each workshop being run dont worry next up will be the 


Musical intervention

Music affects us all differently. It is one of the most powerful tools available to us that can help people heal or even in some cases torture you. Here we wish to express our deepest emotions

and come to terms with the intensity of them. So we ask you now............ 

How does music make you feel?

Below are just some of people favourite phrases and feelings towards music. Everyone enjoys multiple genres in different ways. If it be Powerful lyrics , certain instruments used or just a general connection to the song or artist. Speak to us, Tell us how you are affected.

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In a world where you can be anything


Andover Rocks seeks to improve people's mental health through music intervention. In the past we have funded Alabare's "The Junction" music project and supported Andover MIND with setting up singing and guitar workshops.

We do this in a number of ways first and foremost being a musical festival. Which includes many local venues including the White Hart, The Rockhouse, The time Ring and the Queen Charlotte, and runs over the course of a weekend.

We also run drumming and meditation workshops, story telling, poetry and expressive writing classes during the festival, these are also ongoing online.


Here at Andover Rocks we want to help you express yourself the way you need to! It may be working together as a group or one on one we believe you will will find a home here. a place where you do not need to be afraid. We run multiple workshops that may suit your needs . In the case of music below are just some examples or members and how affects them!

Music to me is  form of therapy. i'll have a bad day and instantly think ill play my favourite songs.

It instantly soothes me and helps me refocus and realise everything is going to be alright.

 Favourite musical quote : Bob Marley


One good thing about music is when it hits you , you feel no pain. Just sums me up perfectly, Really is a powerful force and soothing.



When you find that one song that the lyrics hit home and describe exactly how you feel, Makes you feel like someone else has experienced that pain, It makes you feel like you are not alone.

I also find that music is a way to let out my rage rather than taking out it out elsewhere



Music is a universal language, it become your central nervouse system of your body, no matter what genre you are listening too you connect to it deeply! you feel shivers down your spine, a constant wav of emotions exploding through every pore in your body!

Its a huge expression of your feelings that someone else has managed to show you.

The intense urge to cry, dance or sing.

No matter your mood , no matter your preference no matter your style......

There is always something out there to help you process and relate to how you are feeling.


Paul, 32

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Your Festival. Your Memories.


Get Together

An important part of Rocks is loving what is local. We are incredibly lucky in Andover to have an abundance of talent. Rocks is a platform for them to get out there and be heard. We are also extremely lucky to have local venues that share their space with Rocks, The White Hart, The Rockhouse, The Queen Charlotte, The Malthouse, The Methodist Church, The Bridge Cafe, Andover Radio, The Time Ring and the Wolversdene Club in the past have all been very generous hosts.

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Whilst in town

As Rocks has grown more food offers have been available from various local eating houses including The White Hart and Tama Chulo.

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Discover Something New

Much like music, art and an holistic view has an important place in our community. Combining both art, holistic therapies and music together, our festival bridges three creative styles as one.

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